Your home or commercial building is not an amphibious building (built for water) and even they take on water.

When hurricane like heavy rains come, many roofs may leak and never leak again. This type of abuse only happens every few years or so. Water weight temporarily sags the roofing structure and can cause seams and flashings to fail by pulling them loose with the added weight. Keep your interior roof drains, suppers, conductor heads, gutters, and downspouts clear of debris so water runs off and does not pool together causing leaks. Also remember that fiber glass asphalt shingles, shake, slate, tile, metal roofs are lapped for water shedding – not for water proofing. There is a big difference. Too much rain water just can’t shed fast enough, and your roof may leak even though you don’t know it. Keep it maintained regularly and draining well and the first most important thing is to put the right product in the right place. For example, you would not install a shingle on a slope lesser than 2″ in 12″. It will certainly leak if you do.

Do not let debris like pine straw pile up in roof valleys, behind chimneys, etc. because heavy rain will make the roof leak and this lack of attention also shortens the life of the roof system.

With the appropriate product for the application and with excellent workmanship and maintenance your roof will handle most of the even “perfect storm” rain scenarios.

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Posted by Reynolds on April 21, 2018