Winter Tips For Your Roof

Posted by Reynolds on November 21, 2018

Winter can bring some extra wear and tear to your roof. To help prevent costly damage, check out these roof maintenance tips for this winter. It’s wintertime, which means temperatures are dipping and you’ll want to stay indoors more than the rest of the year. Is your roof ready to support your warm home? Keeping … Read More

Posted by admin on June 29, 2018

My name is Lee Pearson with Reynolds Roofing Exteriors & Coatings, Inc. Reynolds Roofing, Inc, maintains a staff of Certified and highly trained insurance property claims Negotiators, who have substantial experience in wind and hail restoration. We are the type of company that you need when your home is hit by a wide spread storm such … Read More

Does Your Roof Have Proper Roof Ventilation?

Posted by admin on April 30, 2018

Why do we need proper roof ventilation? The simple answer is to let the heat out of your attic, but that’s not the only reason.  An effective ventilation system in your roof reduces the amount of heat in the summer and moisture in the winter in your attic space.  It helps to make your heating … Read More

What to expect when getting a new roof installed!

Posted by admin on April 28, 2018

The day has finally arrived! The day of your new roof installation. You have selected your roofing material, chosen a color, and reviewed the scope of work to be performed. What can you do to prepare and what should you know about the roof installation process? The process of installing a new roof creates a … Read More

What is your roof made from?

Posted by Reynolds on April 27, 2018

At Reynolds Roofing Exteriors & Coating we know that our job is not only to help you build, maintain, and restore your roof, but to help you understand the type of roof that you have so that you can preserve it for years to come. There are many types of roofing materials, some more widely … Read More

Shingle Roofs

Posted by Reynolds on April 25, 2018

Shingle roofing is one of the most common types of roofing nowadays. Shingle roofing involves the usage of individual overlapping components in order to create one solid piece of roofing that works together for greater pliability and strength. When you see a sloped roof on a house, it’s likely made from shingles of some kind. … Read More

Deciding If You Need a New Roof or a Roof Repair?

Posted by Reynolds on April 23, 2018

There’s a damp spot on your ceiling. Water is trickling through the roof. What should you do? Depending on the material it’s made from, a roof can last thirty years or more, but your roof can be damaged or fail prematurely due to falling debris, wind, hail, or ice. Structural issues with roof vents, flashing … Read More

What to expect from your roof during heavy rain.

Posted by Reynolds on April 21, 2018

Your home or commercial building is not an amphibious building (built for water) and even they take on water. When hurricane like heavy rains come, many roofs may leak and never leak again. This type of abuse only happens every few years or so. Water weight temporarily sags the roofing structure and can cause seams … Read More

Information about roof leaks from the experts!

Posted by Reynolds on April 19, 2018

Our goal is to secure your first line of defense when it comes to the elements. Water, in whatever form, (rain, snow, sleet, or hail), has a way of piercing any weaknesses in a roofing system. It is our goal to not only install roofs that will stand up to the wear and tear that … Read More

Five Tips For Roof Maintenance!

Posted by Reynolds on April 13, 2018

Your roof is a hero. It beats back the heat, endures hail and snow, stops rainwater from leaking into your home. Every day, your roof is faced with a new combination of weather, fluctuating temperatures, and the power of mother nature. Still as roofs are weathered and age, they become damaged–losing a shingle here, leaking … Read More